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Halogen Diagnostic Set (With Fiber Otoscope) BXα-12345FO

For Otoscopy, Ophthalmoscopy, and Laryngoscopy.

- Diagnostic instrument set including a laryngoscope suitable for a home visit
- The otoscope with a rotating lens with 3x magnification
- The fiberoptic light souce without color unevenness
- Disposable ear tips for safety and hygiene


BXα head, C-size battery handle,
C-cell alkaline batteries x 2 pcs,
otoscope head, ear tips Ø 2.5 mm (10 pcs.),
Ø 4.0 mm (10 pcs.), laryngoscope head,
spare bulbs L-30, L-69, L-06, carrying case


Ophthalmoscope: L-30 (3V, 2W)
Otoscope: L-69 (3V, 2W)
Laryngoscope: L-06 (3V, 0.9W)


Polarizing filter, correction filter 4000 K, red-free filter, concentric scaler

Illumination Dial

Normal aperture, small aperture, slit, concentric scale, red-free filter


BXα Head: 89 mm Otoscope Head: 82 mm
Laryngoscope (Extensionable): 135 to 160 mm
C-size Battery Handle: 134 mm


BXα head: 70 g
Otoscope head: 95 g
Laryngoscope (Extensionable): 45 g
Battery handle: 226 g

Options and Spare Parts