Neitz Streak Retinoscope RX-3

High Reliability Backed by Ophthalmologists and Certified Orthoptists Worldwide Supports the Accurate Diagnosis

- The Neitz retinoscopes use bulbs with precisely processed filaments of 0.05mm diameter, which create one of the sharpest streaks of light in the industry
- Helps the accurate diagnosis of the astigmatic axis
- The beam can be turned 360 degrees steplessly
- The anti-reflection filter provides a brighter and wider field of view
- Durable life with two C-size batteries


RX head, C-size battery handle, C-size batteries (2 pcs.), head attachment,
presbyopic lens (+2D), spare bulb L-28, carrying case

Streak Variations

Divergent, convergent, and parallel

Light Flux Rotation

360 degrees stepless.


L-28 (3V, 1.2W)


C-size battery handle: dia. 25 mm x 269 mm (H)


350 g

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