The Neitz Retinoscope RX series

High Reliability Fostered by over 50 Years of History

Neitz retinoscopes have been seeking for accuracy and operability reflecting the opinions of ophahlmogists and certified orthopists worldwide through more than 50 years of history. Technology changed from analog to digital and from manual to automated in the time between, the Neitz retinoscopes have a reputation for reliability globally by its accuracy and convenience.

Accurate Astigmatism Diagnosis with Sharp Streaks of Light

Retinoscopes project the shape of the filament along with the light. It means the processing accuracy of the filament determines the lighting quality. The Neitz retinoscopes use bulbs with precisely processed filaments of 0.05mm diameter, which create sharp streaks of light. This supports the accurate diagnosis of the astigmatic axis.

Superior Operability with Adjustable Beam

The beam can be turned 360 degrees steplessly and from any position. Best suitable to measure the astigmatic axis. The separate controls for beam width and for beam rotation do not change the beam width during the rotation.

Thorough Pursuit of Visibility

The anti-reflection filter provides a brighter and wider field of view, resulting in less fatigue even after long-time use. The RX series has the features including a headrest for eyeglass wearers and easily attachable presbyopic lenses. The +2 D presbyopic lens is included in the delivery package.