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The Neitz Direct Ophthalmoscope BXα series

For Accurate Diagnosis of Myopia

The BXα is equipped with the correction lens covering from -36 D to +35 D in steps of 1 D. The diopter of the correction lens can be read even when using the aixiliary lens. The diopter display has a light, enabling to read the value clearly even in a dark room. Furthermore, the correction lens disc rotates steplessly and a far-reaching change of the diopter is smooth.

Striving for Optimal Balance to Avoid Corneal Reflections

To minimize corneal reflex, polarizing filters are installed both in the illumination and observation systems. The rotatable polarizing filter in the observation system can change the angle at which the both polarization axes intersect. It supports an optimal observation with the best balance of brightness between the corneal reflex and the fundus image.

Special Equipment to Secure Clear Field of View

The BXα is equipped with a concentric, scale, a small aperture for macular observation, a slit for viewing irregularity of the fundus, and a red-free filter to enhance the contrast of blood vessels.