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Contrast Sensitivity Acuity Tester CAT-CP2


- In addition to daytime vision, mesopia and glare tests are available.
- Three levels of contrast values: 100%, 25%, and 10%.
- The target is Landolt ring
- Indicator ranges can be selected by switching between NORM and WIDE
- The average brightness is constant
- Secular change of the target is small
- Measurements are with audio guide
- Measurement results can be printed out

Measurement Method

Automatic measurement

Target Type

Landolt ring

Target Size

Log VA: 1.3 logMAR ~ 0.1 logMAR
0.1 Steps and a total of 16 sizes of 0.155 logMAR

Measurement Distance

Far use

Contrast Levels

Three levels: 100%, 25%, and 10%

Target Brightness (Target Brightness + Background Brightness)

200cd/m2 in daytime
10cd/m2 in mesopia

Light Source for the Target and Glare Light

White LED


240 mm×340 mm×420 mm


Approx. 14 kg

Power Source

AC100V~240V 50/60Hz 150VA

Operating temperature

10°C ~ 35°C

Printer Unit

Thermal graphic printer


Thermal paper 2 rolls/1 case
Chin rest paper