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Neitz Anomaloscope OT-II

The Inspection Equipment that can Definitely Diagnose Red-green Colour Deficiency

- The equipment for definitive diagnosis of red-green colour deficiency
- Digital display of the anomalous quotient (A.Q.) with easy operation
- Control of the light wavelength by the combination of the LED and interference filter
- Electronic control of the LED light intensity for high reliability of the testing light color
- The easy-to-read digital display of the color mix and monchromatic values


OT-II, power cable, spare fuse, testing paper (50 sheets),
dust cover, spare bulb L-50

Power Source

AC100-240V 50/60Hz 15VA

Visual Angle of the Circular Target

2 degrees 10 minutes (for emmetropia)

Domminant Wavelength of the Inspection Light

Red = 670 nm
Yellow = 588 nm
Green = 545 nm


371 mm×125 mm×323 mm


4.5 kg

Test Method

  • Natural deterioration of the optical systems may cause errors in the measurement results. Regardless of whether the equipment is used or not, we recommend to have the equipment inspected and calibrated about once a year are.