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Step 2Select the Frame/Headband

Binocular Loupes with NEO Frame

Binocular Loupes with excellent optical system and adjustable observation distance. Durable and flexible domestically produced NEO Frame with easily replaceable forehead cushion.

NEO Frame

  • - The frame with moderate flexibility fits comfortably
  • - Three-point suspension on nose, forehead, and strap to divide the stress
  • - Readily returns to the original position after flipping up the loupe
  • - Won the 2014 Good Design Award
  • - Wide range of color variation

Frame: Black, White, Silver
Ear pads: Black, Gray, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue 

Binocular Loupe with Headband

Binocular Loupes with excellent optical system and adjustable working distance. Headband type with soft fit.


  • - Lightweight and soft fitting
  • - Secure fitting, stable suspension over the head

Neitz Binocular TTL Loupes

Wide and Clear Field of View with Durability and Safety

TTL (Through the Lens)

  • - Protective shield with scratch-resistant coating
  • - For patients’ safety, the lens units are fixed with screws to prevent lens unit from dropping.
NEO Frame Headband
BLS-1 77 g 251 g
BLS-2 82 g 246 g
BLS-3 76 g 240 g
BLD-3 71 g 235 g
BLP-4 94 g 258 g
BLP-6 97 g 261 g
PL-2 (with NSI-III) 120 g 275 g